Vivo Y19 smartphone can be bought at this price, it has a powerful battery

Vivo Y19 smartphone can be bought at this price, it has a powerful battery

Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope you guys will be fine, friends, today’s post is going to be very different, because in this post today I am going to tell you about a Vivo Y19 Review named Vivo Y19 So Let’s know how Vivo Y19 smartphone is done, how it works


Vivo Y19 smartphone can be bought at this price, it has a powerful battery

VivoY19 smartphone

The Vivo Y19 smartphone has many powerful specifications. This phone was recently launched in India, this phone has been made available for sale on Amazon. Talking about the Vivo Y19 price of this Vivo Y19 smartphone phone, the price of this phone is Rs 14,990.

This phone was recently launched. This phone has 4 GB of RAM and also has strong storage for storage. No other details about it are also given in detail

If you give information about the camera setup of this phone, then there are three cameras in the back of this phone, out of which one camera is of 16 megapixels and besides,

This the phone has an 8-megapixel camera sensor, it has 2 A camera sensors of megapixels is given.

Give information about the front camera of this phone, then a 16-megapixel camera sensor has been given in the front.

If you give information about the display of this phone, then this phone has a 6.53-inch display.

Give information about the power center of this phone, then it has a 5000 mAh battery to give power.

Gives information about the RAM of this phone. This phone has 4 GB of RAM and also, the storage of the phone can be increased as it has a micro SD card slot.

Best Features of Vivo Y19 smartphone

  • 6.53-inch FHD + Halo full view display
  • AI Multi Landscape Photography Multiple possibilities
  • Bright color design
  • Super macro Look up the world
  • Postmaster
  • AI makeup
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Dual engine fast charging
  • Reverse charging
  • 6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM
  • Funtouch OS.9.2
  • Ultra game mode
  • Voice changer

Let’s know about Detail  Features of Vivo Y19 smartphone one by one

6.53-inch FHD + Halo full view display
6.53-inch FHD + Hello Fullview ™ The display pushes the bezel to the border around it,

The front camera sits nicely on a nice bottom. Enjoy a 1080 x0 x 24040 super-resolution with a screen-to-body ratio of 1080 0.3%, to see the flag.

AI Multi Landscape Photography  Multiple possibilities

Vivo Y19 smartphone

The Vivo Y19 All triple camera system incorporates 1116 MP main camera, 2 MP macro camera, and MP MP super wide-angle camera with bokeh capability.

Its array of photo features caters to almost every photo scene in your daily life. Wherever your adventure takes you away just by clicking great pictures.


Bright color design

The Y19 body is inspired by the mysteries of finished nature.

Its bright view and angle shift and lightwave are different from each angle. The subtle curves of the 3D body create a slim outline for enhanced elegance and a comfortable hold.


Super macro Look up the world

Discover the secrets of the little world with Super Macro. Y19 gives you a closer and clearer view of the little miracles of life.

From delicate flower veins and tiny insects to tiny figures and subtle patterns, awaits your new venture.
(Minimum focus length of the super macro camera is cm)

16MP Front Camera with AI Face Beauty Tailored Beauty Selfies

The 1MP MP front camera with AI Face Beauty helps you celebrate your brightest moments in life without any effort.

The ultimate experience to enhance the face with AI Face Beauty. Customize how you want to look, from the shape of the face to the skin tone – it’s just a click away.

Strange photo-time change on the occasion of your glow. Just follow the guide to strike stylish pools that stand out from the crowd.

AI makeup
Apply new makeup instantly to discover your different looks. We offer you an assortment of styles to make you look fabulous.

5000mAh battery

An industry-leading m, 000 mAh battery is backed by smart energy management technology to keep your Y Y powered for a long time. With the Y19, battery worries are a thing of the past.

Dual engine fast charging

Vivo’s dual-engine fast charge technology makes a large capacity battery enjoy fast, while 9 levels of protection mean safety is ensured.

Reverse charging

Vivo Y19 smartphone can be bought at this price, it has a powerful battery

When your Y19 has the juice to broadcast, turn it into a mobile power bank.

Use it to charge other devices and help friends get out of a jam when their batteries aren’t up.
(OTG cable required)


6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM

vivo y19 smartphone

Play games, watch videos, or enjoy your social world without any glitches, knowing the liberal memory is behind you.

Store all the pictures, movies, and songs you need, there is space for all your favorite collections.


Funtouch OS.9.2
The latest Funtouch OS.9.2, optimized for Android on, is a more important update than its predecessor, with a fresh GUI for high-tech, high-speed feel.

Features such as an eight-core processor, large memory, and dark mode provide both smooth and fluid interaction.

Ultra game mode
Ultra game mode packs in a range of useful features designed for gamers with special features.

It can also block alerts and messages, leaving you to focus on being a game guru.

Voice changer
When interacting with teammates, enjoy the ability to change your voice to see how to fit your look. Spice things up to protect your privacy.

For better image issues and user experience, images of different pixel numbers will be output in different modes.

The product images shown are for reference only, the images shown on the display screen are duplicated, and for display purposes only.

Please take the actual products as standard. All comparisons shown on this page refer to Vivo Y19 smartphone products only.

All data is based on our technical design criteria, laboratory test results, and supplier test data. vivo y19 smartphone performance may vary depending on the software version, specific test environment, and phone model.

Vivo reserves the right to modify these specifications and descriptions and to modify the product described without prior notice.

Measured diagonally, the size of the screen is in a full rectangle – 6. 53-inches and round corners 6..32 inches.

The ratio of effective performance to the projected area of the display. 90.30%.

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