Best 3 Ideas how to Keep our PC Healthy

 How to Keep our PC Healthy

Best 3 Ideas, How to Keep Our PC Healthy – If you think about how plenty of your daily lifestyles is spent working with, or deriving gain from, your laptop or laptop computer, that may be scary all on its own.

It’s a catch-22, in a way: We don’t want to clutter with our computers because we don’t want to cause problems, so we deal with the back give up like a room we never cross into ..

Which reasons problems! Not each person can be a DIY mastermind — I’m truly not one — however with a few easy routines and tips, you can maintain your computer’s works as smooth as a whistle without ever feeling like you’ve got crossed the road or permanently ruined everything.

1.Disk cleanup

Disk cleanup helps unfastened up space on your difficult power. Circle cleanup look through your drive and afterward gives you impermanent records. Internet cache documents and useless program documents that you can properly delete. you could direct Disk Cleanup to delete some or all of those documents.
1. Click on the start button
2. Choose program
3. Choose accessories
4. Chooses gadget tools
5. Choose disk cleanup and click on it
Then disk cleanup dialog container appears like this

disk cleanup drive selection
How to keep your pc healthy
disk cleanup of new volume (D)
How to keep your pc healthy

6. Select the required force you need to easy up
7. Click on ok
8. Put the tick on required options
9. Click on ok
10. Then the laptop asks you. Are you positive you need to delete?
11. Click on yes
Then the dialog field mechanically disappeared after completing the task

How to kee laptop healthy

2.Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter Rearrange files. Programs and unused space on your PC’s hard disk so that applications run faster and files open extra quickly. Disk Defragmenter does not affect anything which you see on the display such as documents in my files or shortcut on the programs menu.

This characteristic helps to rearrange all related documents fractions into one group. After Defragmentation
A pc will become a bit quicker than earlier. So it is continually good practice to do it once in a week
1. Click on the begin button
2. Choose program
3. Choose accessories
4. Choose device tools
5. Click on disk defragmentation
Then the following dialog box appears

6. Select the specified driver separately (C or D)
7. Click on Analyze / Defragment

How to keep your pc healthy
How to keep your pc healthy


3.Prefetch/ %tmp% /recent/

Prefetch /%tmp%latest is helping free up areas on your difficult drive. Prefetch /%tmp%current searches your run and then suggests you temporary documents. Internet cache files and unnecessary program files that you could appropriately delete. you may direct Prefetch /%tmp%latest to delete a few or all of those files.
1. First press Windows key +R button
Then you spot the flowing dialog container like this

3 ides to keep your pc healthy

2. Type Prefetch
3. Click on ok
Then you may see this dialog box

How to keep your pc healthy

4. Press Ctrl+A and choose all
5. Press delete button
This prose do separately like %tmp% or Recent

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